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Destroy your opponent's balloon in this epic fight ! 

It's a 2D Party game in 1 VS 1 where the players embody Stickmans floatting in the sky with a balloon. The goal is to break the other players' balloon to make him fall !

This game was done in 5 days

How to Play

What to do

The game is a 2D Party game. Two sticks are fighting to survive. They are hanged to a balloon. The goal is to beat your enemy to “death” or to break his balloon. The player will be able to hit his enemy or to throw objects to him. He can move (float) or dash.


Each player must have a controller to play this game.


Left JoystickMove player
Right JoystickAim
Left Trigger (LT)Throw a Ball
Right Trigger (RT)Dash
A ButtonTaunt / Submit


We are all Game Design students so we thought about this concept all together.

Benoit DeneauxGame Design, Programming
Charlotte FriesGame Design, Programming
Léonard SavioGame Design, Animation & VFX, Project Manager
Hugo LeangGame Design, Game Artist, Sound Design
Maxime DriotGame Design, Animation & UI, Sound Design
Mathys BoissièreGame Design, Level Design


Strife In Cloud.zip 16 MB

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